Beauty Review

The first step to clearing up your skin is cleaning up your diet. Second, is what goes on the face.


I thought it would be fun to do a beauty review on a line of skin care products that I have been testing and genuinely loving! I was introduced to FRE back in August. I was so impressed with how gentle it was on my sensitive skin and how it made any irritation and inflammation go away the next day. The formulated facial skincare takes into account of my own personal athletic, aesthetic and functional needs.

I’ll leave the link here.

FRE as a company has blacklisted over 2,000 potentially harmful ingredients that aren’t regulated by the FDA and are also  European Union approved, so I know their ingredients won’t irritate my skin further!  Whenever my skin acts up from traveling, sweating, hormonal, or weather changes, I count on a few products below to do their job. Life has been super crazy and very stressful these past few months. Any other time, I was using other products, acne around my chin and mouth would flare up. All their products are clinically and dermatologically tested, and have passed the following tests: non-comodogenic (i.e., won’t clog pores), hypoallergenic for our three products; non-eyes stinging, water-resistant, SPF 30 for Protect Me.


I have to give a shout out to this moisturizer! It’s a high quality moisturizer that is non toxic, protects your skin from the sun’s damaging UVA, UVB and IRA rays, and from other environmental effects such as air pollution. This moisturizer is perfect for dry skin, redness and dull ness if you want that healthy glow!  ‘Protect Me’ should be used daily in the morning as deep moisturizer with SPF30. Before your workout and whenever you feel your skin needs moisture, reapply.


Second up! Is your daily facial cleanser to be applied morning, evenings and post-workout. It purifies your skin and pores, prevent post-workout breakouts and calms skin.  The blue beads in Purify Me are natural jojoba beads that are biodegradable (not plastic microbeads). This cleanser de-stresses, hydrates and rebalances your skin, even after the toughest workout. Purify Me removes dead cells, oil and impurities, by using jojoba beads, that helps with  hydration and pH balance restoration


I am a huge sucker for a good serum. When I was on tour, there would be days I would have layers  and layers of make up on my face from 4 in the morning until 10pm at night. The combination of sweat and make up were destroying my skin. With that being said, you can only imagine how many serums, moisturizers, coconut oil- Pinterest tips I was applying to my skin. Nothing ever seemed to help in the moment or actually IMPROVE my skin moving forward.  Revive me instantly hydrates your skin.  I love it at night especially before bed when I don’t want my face feeling oily, sticky and caked on with product- it’s perfect for the summer in my opinion.  It’s powerful yet gentle and lightweight on the face. The oil leaves a dewy (radiant) glow when you apply it and I love using it especially when I get little bumps all around my cheeks, chin or forehead that pop up when I’m stressed and/or traveling a lot. Since it is an serum, I tend to use the more when I’m extra dry or during the winter/colder months. Couldn’t recommend this one enough! You def need to try it yourself to see!

‘Revive Me’ is your deep replenishing serum that builds your skin resilience and fights the signs of aging with anti-wrinkles and skin tightening powers  ‘Revive Me’ should be used daily, at night, and post-workout when you workout am or afternoons. On days, you don’t work out, you can apply ‘Revive Me’ morning and night. It is recommended to not apply ‘Revive Me’ more than twice a day.   I do however love to apply it in the morning, right before putting on my makeup.

Heres the process:

If I was using all of these products in one go it would look like this;


1. ‘Purify Me’ (Hydrating Facial Cleanser)

2. ‘Revive Me’ (Deep Replenishing Serum) – optional

3. ‘Protect Me’ (Defense Facial Moisturizer)


1. ‘Purify Me’

2. ‘Revive Me’


1. Protect Me

It is recommended to work out and sweat without make-up to avoid clogging your pores and prevent post-sweat breakouts.   (BUT sometimes,  I def don’t have the time for that)


1. ‘Purify Me’

2. ‘Revive Me’

3. ‘Protect Me’ (if needed)